Legal Beagles Not E-Learning Savvy

In this very electronically based world of leisure, business, health, banking etc. it does seem extremely odd to hear about a legal company who do not support any electronic transfer of documentation in any shape or form.  This is most unusual in this day and age.  They don’t use DX postal services either.  That’s the special business direct post system that doesn’t go through post office services.   Years ago when working for the courts and tribunal service, I came across lots of folk who were not yet computer savvy and would baulk at the very suggestion of sending an email on any given subject  All they needed was a simple training course to introduce the concept of electronic communications.  There were many solicitors companies who were flatly refusing to accept service via electronic means – everything had to be by hand or posted in.  It probably only needed a dedicated e-learning package to bring them to the light and see how scanning and circulating documentation via pdfs is a secure and speedy way to process business matters instead of relying on snail mail!