Learning Opportunities Are A-Plenty

An ancient relative of mine has always had an aura about them.  Being slightly batty and a total reclusive, over the years the relative gained the reputation of being a difficult old moo who wouldn’t mix socially.  This was such a pity because the aunt in question was simply to old to want to mix with the ‘younger set’.  Her training for the outside world, beyond the very pretty gable ended house and immaculate lawned gardens was to be allowed to take the dog out for walkies and sit at dinner, listening to all the other old biddies around her all bemoaning their lives of luxury.  She did have an indominable spirirt which we played up to and discovered her razor sharp memory had been carefully hoed to precision with early training courses.   Reading every book on a subject and then more.  Making sure she was placed with a very interesting traveller as a dinner guest.  Its so easy these days if you desire more knowledge top ups – just go online and wow, the learning world will be at your fingertips.