Old Fashioned Typing Speed Training & Methods

Just seeing this on-page image reminds me of some very early distance learning from many years ago.  It involved typewriting, not just typing a few letters here and there.  No, this was very serious stuff that helped the student to pick up fantastic speeds and accuracy over several weeks of tutoring via headphones from taped lessons, or even live broadcasts on a particular radio channel.   The drawback to the latter was the speed was set and you had no way of slowing the tutor down – if you missed a bit, you had to skip ahead to catch up on the lesson, with no form of catching up on the lost section.    At least with a tape recorded lesson, you could wind it back to the lost spots – I used to prefer this method, although it seemed very old and clunky compared to audio typing which became my absolute favourite of these dark arts!   Audio involved the supply of headphone attached to foot pedals.  These pedals were operated by taping buttons with one’s toes.  I believe left was ‘stop go back’ middle was ‘stop’ and right was go ahead and keep going until the end.  You could go back and listen as many times as you needed but this did defeat the object of learning to type as accuraely as physically possible.


Unraveling Mysteries: The Role of Private Detectives in Finding Missing Persons in the UK

When it comes to locating missing persons, private detectives play a vital role in assisting individuals and families in the United Kingdom. With their expertise and access to various resources, private investigators (PIs) provide a range of services designed to find missing persons. This article explores how private detective services can be invaluable in locating individuals and reuniting loved ones through find a person UK.

  1. Understanding Private Detective Services: Private detective services encompass a wide range of techniques employed by professional investigators to locate missing persons. These services include:
  • Background checks: Private detectives gather and analyze extensive information about the person in question, including personal and professional histories, relationships, and potential leads.
  • Surveillance and tracking: PIs employ various methods, such as GPS tracking and discreet monitoring, to observe a person’s movements and gather evidence.
  • Tracing and skip tracing: Investigators use their expertise and access to databases to track down individuals who have intentionally disappeared or are difficult to find.
  • Networking and collaboration: Private detectives often work in close collaboration with law enforcement agencies, legal professionals, and other private investigators. This network helps to gather and share information, enhancing the chances of finding the missing person.
  1. Reasons for Hiring Private Detectives: When searching for a missing person, there are several situations where hiring a private detective can be particularly beneficial:
  • Missing family members: If a loved one suddenly goes missing or has been separated for a long time, a private detective can provide the necessary support and resources to locate them.
  • Adoption-related searches: For individuals looking to find their birth parents or children placed for adoption, private detectives can facilitate the search by connecting with relevant agencies and conducting thorough investigations.
  • Legal matters: In legal cases involving missing persons, private detectives can assist in gathering evidence, locating witnesses, and providing valuable information to support legal proceedings.
  1. The Process of Finding Missing Persons: Private detectives follow a multi-step process when employed to find a missing person:
  • Initial consultation: The investigator meets with the client to gather detailed information, including any existing leads, descriptions, and photographs.
  • Investigation and research: The investigator thoroughly examines all available information, conducts interviews, and employs various techniques to generate leads and potential locations.
  • Surveillance and tracking: If required, the private investigator may perform surveillance to monitor the subject’s activities and gather evidence that could lead to their whereabouts.
  • Reporting and collaboration: After locating the missing person, the private detective delivers a report outlining their findings and may work with other parties, such as law enforcement or legal professionals, to ensure a smooth reunification process.

Conclusion: Private detective services play a crucial role in locating missing persons in the UK. With their expertise, access to resources, and collaborative efforts, private investigators offer valuable assistance to individuals and families yearning to reconnect with their loved ones.

The Positives Of VLE In Assisting Learning

The massive explosion in online learning platforms and finding alternative ways of presenting teaching courses has meant a greater reliance on VLE software for many providers.   The term just means virtual learning environment and generically describes a totally integrated system allowing learners, parents, teachers and other providers involvd in education to participate via the web based applications.   The resources are designed to enhance an revolutionise delivery of education and the management of it.    It has streamlined what could often be seen as a hotchpotch of systems within one area.  So VLE software is a tremendously powerful tool to allow the administation of learner engagement – giving them managed access to learner information to track progress and achievements.   The ability to integrate with external networking technologies is a truly exciting and promising step forward.   As more VLEs are becoming established in educational institutions as a means to structure and deliver content and learning activities.


VLE & MLE – Learning Via Online Environments

We hear a great deal about virtual reality in the gaming and entertainment arena.  This wizardry has really taken the world by storm in the last four or five years and instead of being the preserve of the ultra rich and savvy, it’s now open and available to every Tom, Dick and Harry in the high street.   However there is another virtual environment that has evern more impact.  Indviduals can register with very good providers of VLE, virtual learning environment to convey all the modules needed for say a hospital nutritional screening programme, the training of staff to be able to operate within those disciplines is immense and a dedicated learning environment is essential.   The use of a VLE is usually allied to an existing MLE – managed learning environment and again these are tailored and finely honed to suit the industry area – be it medical or educational.  A MLE is a secuire web based system which is completely managed by the supplying team and it takes a huge chink of organisation out of the buyers system.

Virtual Learning Can Really Enhance Performance

There are so many different ways of learning.  The old fashioned having just teacher at the front of the class with the chalk board, or blackboard as it was known originally, has a tendency to turn students right off learning.  The dullness of some teacher presentations is a problem – that monologue can seem like a long stream of being talked at rather than to.  The beauty of online e-learning is the variety of presentations, be it a click and respond or simultaneous one to one engagement over video – there is something happening all the time to encourage thought processes whilst emphasising the subject matter.   Virtual learning enviornment is a set of teaching tools which have been developed to really boost the learner’s experience by involving all sorts of other facilities such as computers, curriculum mapping and means of breaking down the curriculum to be able to track and assess.  Online support for and from teachers via email, threaded discussions.  The teacher has additonal user rights and will create or modify the curriculum contemt so as to enhance and track the student performance and result.

CPD – What Does it Mean and Do I Need It?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development.  It is the intentional maintenance and development of knowledge and skills which are needed to perform your job successfully.  This might mean brushing up on current skills, or increasing the knowledge you have, or even learning new skills which will allow you to progress up the career ladder.

Most professions require their employees to take part in CPD courses to ensure their staff are fully trained in the necessary skills they require.

A good CDP structure gives employees a clear path to success with their current role and shows the potential progression to future jobs.  If you work in a regulated industry such as the healthcare, accountancy or legal industries, employers can get in a lot of trouble if they do not keep their staff up with their CPD!

CPD activities could include formal educational activities like instructor led training courses, workshops and seminars, or CPD could include self directed learning through online courses and structured reading.

Learning Resources Include Video Conferencing

The world of learning is so vast these days.  No longer do we just go through juior then senior school and if we’re very bright, get a place at University.  Everyone has the opportunity to study at university and get that batchelors or masters degree in almost any subject we care to study.    However it is not always necessary, in fact, rarely absolutely necessary, for the student to up sticks to move right away to study.  There are so many absolutely fantastic onlune learinng resources.  Almost every university of note will have a massive online presence these days.  They offer everything that lecture room based learning offers but with no need to travel and a chance to learn in your own time, at your own pace.   The online learning tools are vast now.  They have been developed to enhance the learning experience and to ensure you benefit from the craft of the course designers.  Video conference gives distance learning students equal high quality tutoring, connecting staff and students at any and all of their campuses or elsewhere – worldwide.

Typing Skills Raises Other Training Levels

Oh how I remember the days of the typing lessons in school.  Way before anyone had produced the exciting e-learning and online training courses we can all take part in these days.  No, back then it was a case of listening to the tutor and then carrying out her instructions with her marching up and down the lines of typists.  We did not have the benefit of software – VLE or otherwise.  The only soft thing in that room was the cushion we popped on our rock hard chairs to soften the otherwise numbing effect of the hard wood.  Those lessons come flooding back to me with joy.  Rossini’s William Tell Overture floods to mind and of course, every time I hear that music, I am transported back to those halcyon days.  Just the start of it reminds me of a, s, d, f, g, f etc. etc.  Ah where would all the wonderful programmers and software folk be without the genius of a well trained keyboard operator.  Online courses with typing keypads involved are still the bet way to get accurate and well constructed pieces of work out there for all to learn from!

Crime Solving E-Learning Courses Online

For any student having to chose those all important GCSE subjects, it helps if they have some idea of a career they may want to follow once they’ve got those in the bag.  Making thses choices as a teenager seems very daunting but in the grand scheme of things, getting the right exams early on can save time later.  Supposing for arguments sake that Jenny wants to go into law – not sure that she wants to go the whole hog and become a solicitor or barrister.  She may however fancy doing one of the many activities surrounding the solving of crimes, bringing the bad guys to prosecution etc.  There are many different career streams.  All of these have associated e-learning courses that can help with the initial training and formulating ideas.  Online courses are a brilliant way to get the gist of what would be involved and of course, will help when the itme comes to apply to uni for just such a career focused degree course.

Changing Career With Help Of E-Learning Courses

When you have been working for a few years and then have to take maternity leave, this is often brings big changes t the way we look at our working priorities.  Lots of women think thye’ll just take a couple of weeks off, have baby, get a few sleepless nights and then whoo, back to work after 29 weeks.   It often does not work like that.  Once that bundle of joy has arrived, there is more to contend with than sleepless nights.  It’s a whole sunami of emotions and exhausting factors.    Not everyone can go back to work or even want to.   Many decide that a high flying career is not now for them and baby rearing is the thing – but with the need to have some earnings.   Other women find that the caring side of their nature needs more nurturing and that a career as a teaching assistant would suit them down to the ground.  There are many e-learning courses available to aid the process.  Teaching Assistant levels 2, 3, 4 can be bought in a bundle – to be completed in  your own time within broad timescales.   Maybe  you’ve had a career with special needs in a very hands on way before – how about taking a course on SEN within schools – this is becoming a vital role that schools need to fill and will be totally rewarding with the right course under your belt.