Homework E-Courses Taught Gradma New Tricks

I had the somewhat dubious task of entertaining three youngsters for a couple of hours whilst their parents took part in a charity walk – I thought this was going to be a real challenge for me.  But no, the three bandidoes were an asolute delight and we spend the entire morning finding our way around their school online homework courses.  This was quite a eye opener for me.  I’ve not undertaken any course work, online or otherwise, for some time now.  The youngsters were so full of enthusiasm to show me their maths, English, Humaities and Sciences, we looked at all sorts of revision guides and each had little tests to have a go at.  By the time our final checks were completed, after the rather harder science, I was all for signing up for more – it really fired my brain and I felt superbly equipped to babysit three youngsters again – Or become a school teacher, if it’s really that much fun!