Learning Copy Typing Still Has Value In This Very Commercial World

I remember my typing and secretarial classes at school – quite a few moons ago now.  Things were definitely done a completely different way then.  We had plenty of teachers and they knew how to control a class – looking back on those few years, I can see how lucky I was to be schooled in the old way.  Knowing boundaries and have clear guidelines of the teacher’s expectations of me counted for a lot.  I’m not sure I would have had the self discipline to buckle down and work in the same way today’s student has to.  There is a greater emphasis on working at home, with laptop logged onto the school system.  Independence is being drummed into the student.

Our typing and secretarial lessons were very much tutor led.   Mrs H would contenance no cheating – we had to learn to type without looking at either the keyboard or the resultant words on the page.  Of course we did not have a screen in front of us – it was paper coming out of the typewriter roller.  The art of copy typing is one that has died out, any tom, dick or harry can stab away with two fingers darting across the keyboard of their laptop and think they’re typing.  But there is so much more to getting those words down on a page or message!  For someone to be totally successful in the world of typing for any commercial venture is to learn to copy type.  That is to know the qwerty keyboard off by heart and to take lessons on English grammar, vocabulary and most importantly – knowing punctuation and its uses.  All these are taught in e-learning courses.

Boost Your Team’s Creativity at Workshop Space London

Creativity is a vital aspect of any successful business. To foster creativity and inspire innovation within your team, it is crucial to provide them with the right environment. Workshop Space London offers an ideal setting that encourages out-of-the-box thinking and empowers teams to explore new ideas. In this article, we delve into the reasons why Workshop Space London is the perfect choice for enhancing creativity within your team.

1. Inspiring and Unique Spaces
Workshop Space London offers a range of inspiring and unique spaces that are specifically designed to spark creativity. From open-plan areas with abundant natural light to quirky themed rooms, this venue goes beyond the conventional boardroom setup. These thoughtfully designed spaces provide a refreshing change of scenery, breaking the routine and stimulating fresh ideas. By immersing your team in such an environment, you amplify their creative potential.

2. State-of-the-Art Facilities and Equipment
To support your team’s creative pursuits, Workshop Space London provides state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. Whether it’s cutting-edge presentation technology, high-quality sound systems, or interactive whiteboards, these modern amenities enable your team to effectively communicate their ideas and concepts. Seamless integration of technology and creativity enhances the overall experience, allowing your team to stay focused on the task at hand.

3. Collaborative and Interactive Features
Collaboration plays a vital role in fostering creativity within a team. Workshop Space London understands this and offers collaborative and interactive features in its venue. From flexible seating arrangements to breakout areas ideal for brainstorming, these features encourage teamwork, idea sharing, and constructive discussions. By creating an atmosphere that facilitates collaboration, Workshop Space London boosts your team’s creative potential.

4. Variety of Engaging Activities
In addition to providing the space and equipment, Workshop Space London offers a variety of engaging activities to enhance creativity. Whether it’s hosting interactive workshops, arranging team-building exercises, or organizing inspirational talks and seminars, this venue goes the extra mile to provide unique experiences. These activities serve as catalysts for creative thinking, encouraging your team to explore new approaches and perspectives.

Workshop Space London offers the perfect environment for boosting your team’s creativity. With inspiring spaces, state-of-the-art facilities, collaborative features, and engaging activities, this venue empowers your team to think outside the box and generate innovative ideas. By harnessing the power of Workshop Space London, you can nurture creativity within your team, leading to enhanced productivity and ongoing success.

What to Look for When Choosing an Online Course

Learning online is a great way to add to your qualifications whilst still keeping a full time job, or looking after your family.  It is a great option for people who don’t have the time or money to go to regular college courses or nightschool, but there are good courses and bad courses out there!  Here’s our guide for finding the perfect online course for you.

Focus on learning by doing: Practical courses are the best way to learn skills, particularly things like programming, or web design for example.  There’s not much use just reading about a topic, it won’t necessarily help you understand HOW to do the thing!  Think about the skills you want to develop and find courses which have an emphasis on actually doing those skills.


The course gets you in front of employers – For an online course to be really effective, it needs to directly connect the learner with the tools they need to gain employment.  This could be vocational skills, it could be actual employers or simple job ideas which could benefit from that course.


Less like lectures, more like tutorials – most online courses are made up of lots of reading followed by testing that knowledge.  This is ok, but it is better if the course offers a mix of lecture style reading, videos and clips which can help the learner to really dig into the topic.

Training to Get Information

Elicitation is an effective way to gain knowledge and has multiple uses that can include including helping build a competitive advantage, conducting due diligence and getting to know your client when building relationships, getting investment reassurance or gaining a more informed understanding of any area of interest. The programs are also designed to help in building skills designed to improve the impact you have.

Influence and persuasion training workshops are facilitated by ex-members of the UK government, military and law enforcement. Elicitation and influencing skills are particularly useful if you are a business analyst whose main role is to implement organisational change. Part of the business analysis the analyst may carry out is to gather information and data from senior stakeholders to better understand the business requirements. Being able to elicit information out of these individuals are giving themselves more information and a better platform to work from when implementing the business change. The workshops are suitable for both the private and public sector and would benefit personnel.

The Positives Of VLE In Assisting Learning

The massive explosion in online learning platforms and finding alternative ways of presenting teaching courses has meant a greater reliance on VLE software for many providers.   The term just means virtual learning environment and generically describes a totally integrated system allowing learners, parents, teachers and other providers involvd in education to participate via the web based applications.   The resources are designed to enhance an revolutionise delivery of education and the management of it.    It has streamlined what could often be seen as a hotchpotch of systems within one area.  So VLE software is a tremendously powerful tool to allow the administation of learner engagement – giving them managed access to learner information to track progress and achievements.   The ability to integrate with external networking technologies is a truly exciting and promising step forward.   As more VLEs are becoming established in educational institutions as a means to structure and deliver content and learning activities.


VLE & MLE – Learning Via Online Environments

We hear a great deal about virtual reality in the gaming and entertainment arena.  This wizardry has really taken the world by storm in the last four or five years and instead of being the preserve of the ultra rich and savvy, it’s now open and available to every Tom, Dick and Harry in the high street.   However there is another virtual environment that has evern more impact.  Indviduals can register with very good providers of VLE, virtual learning environment to convey all the modules needed for say a hospital nutritional screening programme, the training of staff to be able to operate within those disciplines is immense and a dedicated learning environment is essential.   The use of a VLE is usually allied to an existing MLE – managed learning environment and again these are tailored and finely honed to suit the industry area – be it medical or educational.  A MLE is a secuire web based system which is completely managed by the supplying team and it takes a huge chink of organisation out of the buyers system.

What Are The Main Benefits of E-Learning as An Educational Tool?

There’s no doubt that e-learning or online learning has changed the face of education!  We think it is a great way to get more people qualified and accredited.  Here are the main reason e-learning is such a booming subject.

  1. It is a quick way for students to learn, scalable to different organisations
  2. All learners have access to the same materials, and subjects can be covered thoroughly
  3. There is a high knowledge retention rate among e-learners – you can go back over topics if need be
  4. Save time and money!  There’s no travel costs and expensive tutors to pay for
  5. It’s possible to track leaning activities, ideal for monitoring your progress on a given topic
  6. Reduce your carbon footprint!  Online learning and testing cuts down on paper use which means less waste overall
  7. It’s flexible!  Online learning allows people who might not be able to get to face to face courses a chance to partake.  It also means you can work at your own pace, since there aren’t other people in a class to worry about

Virtual Learning Can Really Enhance Performance

There are so many different ways of learning.  The old fashioned having just teacher at the front of the class with the chalk board, or blackboard as it was known originally, has a tendency to turn students right off learning.  The dullness of some teacher presentations is a problem – that monologue can seem like a long stream of being talked at rather than to.  The beauty of online e-learning is the variety of presentations, be it a click and respond or simultaneous one to one engagement over video – there is something happening all the time to encourage thought processes whilst emphasising the subject matter.   Virtual learning enviornment is a set of teaching tools which have been developed to really boost the learner’s experience by involving all sorts of other facilities such as computers, curriculum mapping and means of breaking down the curriculum to be able to track and assess.  Online support for and from teachers via email, threaded discussions.  The teacher has additonal user rights and will create or modify the curriculum contemt so as to enhance and track the student performance and result.

CPD – What Does it Mean and Do I Need It?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development.  It is the intentional maintenance and development of knowledge and skills which are needed to perform your job successfully.  This might mean brushing up on current skills, or increasing the knowledge you have, or even learning new skills which will allow you to progress up the career ladder.

Most professions require their employees to take part in CPD courses to ensure their staff are fully trained in the necessary skills they require.

A good CDP structure gives employees a clear path to success with their current role and shows the potential progression to future jobs.  If you work in a regulated industry such as the healthcare, accountancy or legal industries, employers can get in a lot of trouble if they do not keep their staff up with their CPD!

CPD activities could include formal educational activities like instructor led training courses, workshops and seminars, or CPD could include self directed learning through online courses and structured reading.

Learning Resources Include Video Conferencing

The world of learning is so vast these days.  No longer do we just go through juior then senior school and if we’re very bright, get a place at University.  Everyone has the opportunity to study at university and get that batchelors or masters degree in almost any subject we care to study.    However it is not always necessary, in fact, rarely absolutely necessary, for the student to up sticks to move right away to study.  There are so many absolutely fantastic onlune learinng resources.  Almost every university of note will have a massive online presence these days.  They offer everything that lecture room based learning offers but with no need to travel and a chance to learn in your own time, at your own pace.   The online learning tools are vast now.  They have been developed to enhance the learning experience and to ensure you benefit from the craft of the course designers.  Video conference gives distance learning students equal high quality tutoring, connecting staff and students at any and all of their campuses or elsewhere – worldwide.