Typing Skills Raises Other Training Levels

Oh how I remember the days of the typing lessons in school.  Way before anyone had produced the exciting e-learning and online training courses we can all take part in these days.  No, back then it was a case of listening to the tutor and then carrying out her instructions with her marching up and down the lines of typists.  We did not have the benefit of software – VLE or otherwise.  The only soft thing in that room was the cushion we popped on our rock hard chairs to soften the otherwise numbing effect of the hard wood.  Those lessons come flooding back to me with joy.  Rossini’s William Tell Overture floods to mind and of course, every time I hear that music, I am transported back to those halcyon days.  Just the start of it reminds me of a, s, d, f, g, f etc. etc.  Ah where would all the wonderful programmers and software folk be without the genius of a well trained keyboard operator.  Online courses with typing keypads involved are still the bet way to get accurate and well constructed pieces of work out there for all to learn from!

Career Focused Distance Learning Courses

Distance learning brings such a choice to just about everybody in this country – should we choose that route. Studying for recognised qualifications without having to comply with the restrictions of attending a physical school or college seems a divine choice and way out of reach for many – but with careful selection of e-learning and online educational suppliers, these dreams and aspirations can be available much more easily.    Enrolling with an open study college is much easier these days.  It offers the chance to select a career focused course that will be available for study at the student’s own time and pace.  The tutors are generally award winning and will be utterly dedicated to their craft.  The materials are fully tested to suit the ability of the student and some distance learning providers can help with the finding the right route into the career being trained for and assistance with the cv writing is an important additional benefit.  Having a wide choice of careers out there and the ability to carry out preparatory online learning for the student’s future prosperity has to be a top advtange offered by suppliers.

Crime Solving E-Learning Courses Online

For any student having to chose those all important GCSE subjects, it helps if they have some idea of a career they may want to follow once they’ve got those in the bag.  Making thses choices as a teenager seems very daunting but in the grand scheme of things, getting the right exams early on can save time later.  Supposing for arguments sake that Jenny wants to go into law – not sure that she wants to go the whole hog and become a solicitor or barrister.  She may however fancy doing one of the many activities surrounding the solving of crimes, bringing the bad guys to prosecution etc.  There are many different career streams.  All of these have associated e-learning courses that can help with the initial training and formulating ideas.  Online courses are a brilliant way to get the gist of what would be involved and of course, will help when the itme comes to apply to uni for just such a career focused degree course.

Changing Career With Help Of E-Learning Courses

When you have been working for a few years and then have to take maternity leave, this is often brings big changes t the way we look at our working priorities.  Lots of women think thye’ll just take a couple of weeks off, have baby, get a few sleepless nights and then whoo, back to work after 29 weeks.   It often does not work like that.  Once that bundle of joy has arrived, there is more to contend with than sleepless nights.  It’s a whole sunami of emotions and exhausting factors.    Not everyone can go back to work or even want to.   Many decide that a high flying career is not now for them and baby rearing is the thing – but with the need to have some earnings.   Other women find that the caring side of their nature needs more nurturing and that a career as a teaching assistant would suit them down to the ground.  There are many e-learning courses available to aid the process.  Teaching Assistant levels 2, 3, 4 can be bought in a bundle – to be completed in  your own time within broad timescales.   Maybe  you’ve had a career with special needs in a very hands on way before – how about taking a course on SEN within schools – this is becoming a vital role that schools need to fill and will be totally rewarding with the right course under your belt.

Homework E-Courses Taught Gradma New Tricks

I had the somewhat dubious task of entertaining three youngsters for a couple of hours whilst their parents took part in a charity walk – I thought this was going to be a real challenge for me.  But no, the three bandidoes were an asolute delight and we spend the entire morning finding our way around their school online homework courses.  This was quite a eye opener for me.  I’ve not undertaken any course work, online or otherwise, for some time now.  The youngsters were so full of enthusiasm to show me their maths, English, Humaities and Sciences, we looked at all sorts of revision guides and each had little tests to have a go at.  By the time our final checks were completed, after the rather harder science, I was all for signing up for more – it really fired my brain and I felt superbly equipped to babysit three youngsters again – Or become a school teacher, if it’s really that much fun!

Legal Beagles Not E-Learning Savvy

In this very electronically based world of leisure, business, health, banking etc. it does seem extremely odd to hear about a legal company who do not support any electronic transfer of documentation in any shape or form.  This is most unusual in this day and age.  They don’t use DX postal services either.  That’s the special business direct post system that doesn’t go through post office services.   Years ago when working for the courts and tribunal service, I came across lots of folk who were not yet computer savvy and would baulk at the very suggestion of sending an email on any given subject  All they needed was a simple training course to introduce the concept of electronic communications.  There were many solicitors companies who were flatly refusing to accept service via electronic means – everything had to be by hand or posted in.  It probably only needed a dedicated e-learning package to bring them to the light and see how scanning and circulating documentation via pdfs is a secure and speedy way to process business matters instead of relying on snail mail!

Learning Opportunities Are A-Plenty

An ancient relative of mine has always had an aura about them.  Being slightly batty and a total reclusive, over the years the relative gained the reputation of being a difficult old moo who wouldn’t mix socially.  This was such a pity because the aunt in question was simply to old to want to mix with the ‘younger set’.  Her training for the outside world, beyond the very pretty gable ended house and immaculate lawned gardens was to be allowed to take the dog out for walkies and sit at dinner, listening to all the other old biddies around her all bemoaning their lives of luxury.  She did have an indominable spirirt which we played up to and discovered her razor sharp memory had been carefully hoed to precision with early training courses.   Reading every book on a subject and then more.  Making sure she was placed with a very interesting traveller as a dinner guest.  Its so easy these days if you desire more knowledge top ups – just go online and wow, the learning world will be at your fingertips.

Making The Most Of Training Opportunities

I don’t know if anyone takes propert shorthand typing courses these days.  I have seen some lovely jobs that still call for these skills – usually in a particularly hi end magazine recruitment pages.  They are the sort that have embassies anonymously advertising for a fantastic Girl Friday or whatever they’re called these days.  When I was growing up, this was my dream job – to be important and look after a boss.  I hadn’t got as far as deciding what kind of boss – just one who could speak nicely and not too fast seems to be my limit.  I could do a certain amount of the shorthand, but the classes at school had been interrupted by the teacher having to go on long term sick leave and she was never replaced.  I excelled with the typing side of commercial studies though.  Ahh the happy sound of a trainee typist whizzing along to the William Tell Overture . . . .

New Skill From Browsing Of E-Learning & Online Choices

When I was down the gym recently I was so busy watching the youngster who was ‘in charge’, that I nearly fell off the treadmill!  I was aware of this rapid tapping, it was her long nails rapping the keys on her phone whilst updating her social media pages.  I was horrified at someone trying to ‘type’ with such talons.  I do lots of typing at home – on a keyboard rather than a typewriter – let’s face it, some things from the good old days really do need leaving behind!  I like to learn new skills and often browse online courses to see what’s new.  I found one for folk wanting to become reporters on local media.  This fascinated me – I used to do local reporting years ago and first requirement was rapid shorthand, swiftly followed by fast, accurate transcription of that shorthand.  This e-learning course actually offered training . . . .  now this is definitely in my line of fire for the new year!

From Little Acorns Come Huge Learning Steps

This is the time of year when we become reflective – literally looking back over the past 12 months, sometimes longer, and deciding whether our achievements are adequate, or need beefing up.   Some folk also look up their resolutions made last new year’s eve – mine were an interesting selection of travelling more, learning a new hobby, taking up a craft and maxing up my finances and investments.   Well, I managed to get to the next stage with my learning to play the piano.  Doing this with a tutor in person is more successful than online, but needs must . . . .    I can play a decent little tune or too and my sight reading is improving.  Check.  The knitting has come to fruition too.  I started again when poppies were needed for the Armistice events came round.  That reignited my enthusiasm and I found some great e-learning pages.   The financial online courses too have been extremely useful.  Check!