Looking On Education As An Abundancy Of Chances

When we think of Everyman we have to include absolutely everyone on this planet.  That of course is a generalisation but effectively true.  When we think of education and what is so abundantly available to every child from any background and any creed in this country, it seems almost obscene that some children cannot be bothered to go to school to take up this life enhancing opportunity.

However, sometimes when they reach early adulthood, youngsters to look back and regret those hourse spent idling with chums.  Really ruing the fact they messed up and cannot now get any kind of a job.    Getting educated is the one thing that has absolutely no detractors – it will assist us for the rest of our lives, whether in helping to get that job or keeping it when we’ve got it.  Learning isn’t all boring rote stuff.  There are the social skills too.