Knowing Your Why From Your Wherefore

Knowing your whys from your wherefors can be one of those phrases that ancient relative toss at you when you’re desperately trying to extricate yourself from a pile of undone homework and are making rather a poor show of it!  There’s nothing more important in a child’s life than education – to parents and grandparents, this means the dull stuff that sometimes gets overlooked at school.  Some children absolutely love history and never have difficulty imagining themselves back in a particular period of time – Arthur and his Round Table is a good one for the lads.  The more romantic side of the Victorian era can often be the catalyst for lasses to get involved in the subject.

English language and literature were two of my absolute favourite subjects – the latter of course expanded on my growing appreciation of the former.  Using these skills in later life to understand everything in current affairs, necessary work instructions etc. can all form part of the whys and the wherefors.