William Tell Wasn’t For E-Learning Or Online Skills

Many moons ago when I was a nipper, I had the delight of taking typing lessons.  I was lucky to be able to ‘do’ commercial and secretarial courses at school – but we didn’t have E-education or online learning to speed the learning along.   We had two excellent shorthand and typing teachers and each had their own unique wat of getting us to touch type without cheating and looking at the keys and without resorting to the nasty typing erasers.  Once we had shown some proficiency in the home keys: A,S,D,F,G,F. :,L,K,J.H.J , we were able to speed along to the lower line and then the top row.  How I remember the fits of giggles when we really got up a head of steam and starting typing to music.  Rossinni’s William Tell Overture.  Many years alter I joined another typing class of sorts – but a distincly online version – European computer driving licence, with all the ms packages.  Great fun.