Online Testing Produced Maths Successes

Some learning envirnoments can be great fun.  Others are deathly boring.  I can remember one or two subject at school that were exactly the same – maths, sadly was not a barrel of laughs for me.  I struggled constantly.  Whether it was the delivery, or the fact I couldn’t keep up, I don’t know, but I was constantly petrified of not being able to do the mental arithmetic.  I could not manage those ‘problems’.  I think if the teacher had taken me aside and explained one to one, how each element worked, I would have quickly grasped the rest of it.  My daughter had a similar story – she hated maths.  When she wanted to take the QT tests for teacher training she panicked.  Until a neighbour showed her the fantastic government online tutoring to help candidates overcome these blocks.  Once she’d done a handful of the tests, there was no stopping her.